Camping is one of the most exciting experiences for kids. No matter how old you are, camping is a great way to get back to nature & enjoy being surrounded by beautiful scenery. However, it’s not easy keeping everyone entertained on your camping trip.

In this article, we have put together top tips that will make sure your kids have an awesome time when they're camping!

Choose the Correct Car For Your Trip

Make sure you pick the right size, comfort level & ease of driving.

  • Choose a spacious car from your car rental options in which you can fit everything you need.
  • Check best cars for camping, for more information about camping vehicles before checking the available cars for rent.
  • Read the rules & regulations on what to expect when you rent a car Australia to avoid surprises.
  • Consider whether they'll be able to sit comfortably - especially on long road trips where they could fall asleep.

Plan Ahead

Plan your trip at least a week or two before going camping to make sure you don’t forget something important and you’d have the best experience possible with your kids and plan your ride ahead by booking one of the cheap car hire Adelaide airport, after choosing which is the best option for your family in all regards.

Have Some Entertainment Ready

Portable DVD player, radio, board game, card deck, book & tablet are great options to keep kids amused. Same goes for portable video game consoles or iPad if they’re old enough.

Teach Children About the Outdoors

It’s important you teach your children about the outdoors. This way, they will know how to react in case something goes wrong.

  • Explain the importance of safety. Explain how to protect themselves from dangerous things such as snakes & fire.
  • Teach them how to use a compass & map together, so they can navigate unfamiliar territories.
  • Help your children learn how GPS works by showing different apps on the phone.

Encourage Your Kids To Explore

Encourage them to explore & discover. Whether you're in local area, campsite or even home, try these activities:

  1. Take a walk in a national park or explore outdoor areas close to where you live.
  2. Take your kids on a tour of their campsite & show them how everything works!
  3. Take day trips or short drives away from your accommodation in Australia's cities, towns & beachside areas like Sydney's famous Bondi Beach, Surfers Paradise etc.!

Invest In Quality Camping Gear

When shopping for camping gear, remember, cheaper options aren't always the best choice. Children will be happier & more comfortable if they have quality items that fit their age & needs.

  • Buy a tent that's easy to assemble & store. You don't want it falling apart or taking forever to put up when it's time for bed. It should be easy to clean—especially if there are pets around!
  • Buy gear that's right for your child's age.
  • Choose durable equipment over trendy items, they might look cool but aren't practical when used in nature.

Try Camping Close To Home First

If it's your first camping trip with your kids, it's a good idea to try camping close to home. This way, if there are issues with the experience (like forgetting supplies), it's easy to get home.

Teach Your Kids To Cook Over Open Fire

It's easy & fun! They can learn to cook food they caught or grew during their camping trip. It'll sure be an experience to remember for the rest of their life as well as a helpful skill to know.


We hope some of these tips helped you get a better idea what to expect on your next camping trip. If your child is into the outdoors they will love playing around & exploring nature, which will be good for their development. It’s important to remember that no matter how much research you do there are still risks involved when it comes to camping so make sure you know what those risks are before embarking on new adventures!